Hello Future Mentee Hopefuls!

Hello future mentee hopefuls!

This blog is where I'll post all Pitch Wars-related content, both new and old.

Not sure what Pitch Wars is? Click the MENTOR image to learn more!

For Mia & Kellye's Pitch Wars 2019 Wishlist, go here

For Mia & Kellye's Pitch Wars 2018 Wishlist, check out Kellye's site.

For my Pitch Wars bio, go here and make sure to check out my co-mentor, Kellye Garrett, as well.

To see what my experience as a mentee was like, make sure to read our Pitch Wars Success Story Interview.

For my blog post on my successful query and pitches, go here.

For my 2017 Pitch Wars Agent Round entry, go here.

For my 2017 #BoostMyBio (formerly known as #PimpMyBio), go here.

It's particularly useful if you want to get to know me outside my mystery interests.

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