I had the pleasure of engaging Mia Manansala as a book coach. She reviewed the first three chapters of my manuscript. In addition to written comments, she conducted a video appointment to discuss my concerns. I found her recommendations specific to my work in progress, and helpful toward improving my craft. I strongly encourage other aspiring authors to utilize her services. 

Mia complimented my MS strengths and provided insights and suggestions on how to improve my main character and the setting. She answered all my questions thoroughly and in a very professional manner. 


Recita Clemons, w/a R. Lanier Clemons, author of the Jonelle Sweet mystery series.

Michelle Corbier


It would be easy for me to say that Mia as a writer, and an editor, has an intuitive sense of story. That she’s candid, and thorough, and patient, and that both my manuscript, and I, are so much better for having had her input. I can say all these things because they are true. But what these facts don’t cover is the kindness and generosity that she offers so abundantly. I am very lucky to have her not just a mentor, but also as a friend. She is a joy to work with.

Manju Soni

Pitch Wars 2019 mentee


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