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Book Coaching

Have you had a story idea kicking around in your head for a while but don’t know where to start?  


Have you faced countless rejections—from agents, editors, contests, etc.—and wonder what you can do to take your writing to the next level? 


Do you love all the twists and turns of crime fiction novels, but find writing your own story a complete mystery? 


Then you just might need a book coach! Because while writing a novel is a difficult journey, you don’t have to do it alone.

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Hi! I'm Mia, an award-winning mystery writer and certified book coach who can help you crack the case on how to craft a page-turning tale

Publishing can be a long, difficult, confusing, frustrating (and some other choice adjectives) road, and a lonely one as well. But I'm here to help.

In 2017, I entered the contest/mentoring program Pitch Wars and got accepted by my then-mentor, now co-mentor and friend, Kellye Garrett. I learned how powerful it is to have a mentor, coach, cheerleader, and guide through the writing process. 


Working with her on my first novel taught me about craft, the publishing industry, and the writing process in general, while co-mentoring with her the last few years has shown me how fulfilling it is to help a writer reach their true potential and achieve their writing goals, whatever they may be.


Working with a mentor/coach was truly a life-changing experience, both for me and my writing, and I’d love to work with you on writing the best version of YOUR story. 


Are you ready to write someone’s next favorite novel? Then check out my Services.


Want to know more about me and if I’m the right coach for you? Check out my FAQs.


Not sure if coaching is right for you? Then schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to find out! Use my Contact form and use the subject “Free Consultation.”

Interested in becoming a book coach?  Click here to find out more!

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