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Not sure what book coaching is or why you should choose me? 

Make sure to read my FAQs.

All Prices Are in USD


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30 Minute Consultation

For a free 30-minute consultation to see if book coaching is right for you (or if I'm the right coach for you), send an inquiry through my Contact page. Subject line: "Free Consultation"

Query Critique Packages

  1. Query Letter Critique: $60 (one-time)

  2. Query Letter Coaching: $160 (2 - 3 rounds of edits)

  3. Agent Submission Package Critique: $275 

    1. One round of feedback on query, synopsis, and first chapter

  4. Deluxe Agent Submission Package Critique: $550 

    1. Three rounds of edits on query and first chapter (up to 20 pages)

Manuscript Evaluation

.0125 cents per word for full manuscripts

  • ex. 80,000 words x .0125 = $1,000

$55 plus .0125 cents per word for partial manuscripts (minimum of 50 pages)

  •  ex. $55 + (15,000 words x .0125) = $242.50


  • 1-4 page edit letter

  • No in-document comments

  • One-hour project management call

NOTE: For in-document comments, price is .02 cents per word

Outline Critique

Already have an outline prepared, but not sure if all the beats are there or the pacing is off? Want someone to check if your character has a satisfying arc? Then you need an outline critique!


Book Planning Package

For those who want to focus on perfecting the structure of their story before they start

For writers who need to rescue a story that isn't working

For people who need help figuring out a revision plan, but can implement it themselves (w/o additional coaching)

Great for Nanowrimo prep



  • One forty-five minute, pre-coaching call to discuss your book and our coaching relationship

  • 4 deadlines, weekly or bi-monthly, based on Author Accelerator Inside Outline Coaching

  • Project development exercises tailored to your needs

  • One 45-minute, post-coaching call to discuss your experience, clarify any lingering questions, and make a plan for writing forward

*Package must be completed within two months

**Can be paid upfront, or half on starting and half on finishing

Book Development or Revision Package

For writers who have an idea, but don’t know where to start

Writers who have 50 or so pages and are stuck

Writers who have been querying with no luck

Writers who want to take their writing to the next level and get to the heart of their story




  • One 60-minute pre-coaching call to discuss your book and our coaching relationship

  • Six deadlines, weekly or bi-weekly, of up to 20 pages (5,000 word limit per submission)

  • Project development exercises tailored to your needs

  • In-document feedback and Next Step action plan with each submission

  • Three 30-minute editorial calls and email support


*Additional deadlines can be purchased individually

**Deadlines must be used within 4 months

***Paid upfront or in monthly installments


Testimonial - Marla Bradeen.png

"Mia offered me some amazing feedback on my manuscript. Her thorough analysis and gentle criticism highlighted both the large and small problem areas in my book, and she gave me some excellent guidance on how to fix these. Brainstorming with Mia actually made me excited to start on revisions! In addition, she helped me to become more cognizant of my overarching weaknesses, and her insights will go a long way toward strengthening my work in the future. If you are an author or aspiring author interested in improving your craft, Mia will not only challenge you to write the best book you can, but she will provide you with the tools and encouragement to do so."

Marla Bradeen, mystery author,

Testimonial - Manju Soni.png

"It would be easy for me to say that Mia as a writer, and an editor, has an intuitive sense of story. That she’s candid, and thorough, and patient, and that both my manuscript, and I, are so much better for having had her input. I can say all these things because they are true. But what these facts don’t cover is the kindness and generosity that she offers so abundantly. I am very lucky to have her not just a mentor, but also as a friend. She is a joy to work with."

Manju Soni, 2019 Pitch Wars Mentee.

Testimonial - Meg Long.PNG

"I had the honor of being Mia's mentee in 2018. Her feedback was invaluable for my revision process, be it little line edits or big developmental notes. She was always supportive and kind when talking over issues or ideas and really helped me keep my confidence as a writer. She also has really knowledgeable experience within the publishing industry that can help any writer on their journey, no matter where they are. I definitely recommend her services and skills to anyone wanting a stronger and better story!"

Meg Long, 2018 Pitch Wars mentee and author:

Testimonial - Michelle Corbier.jpg

"I had the pleasure of engaging Mia Manansala as a book coach. She reviewed the first three chapters of my manuscript. In addition to written comments, she conducted a video appointment to discuss my concerns. I found her recommendations specific to my work in progress, and helpful toward improving my craft. I strongly encourage other aspiring authors to utilize her services."

Michelle Corbier, author,

Testimonial - Recita Clemons.jpg

"Mia complimented my MS strengths and provided insights and suggestions on how to improve my main character and the setting. She answered all my questions thoroughly and in a very professional manner."

Recita Clemons, w/a R. Lanier Clemons, author of the Jonelle Sweet mystery series.

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