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ARSENIC AND ADOBO Cover Reveal and Exclusive Excerpt at CrimeReads

IMAGE: Book cover to ARSENIC AND ADOBO by Mia P. Manansala featuring a tan Filipino woman from the nose down. Red lipstick, gold hoop earrings, long-sleeved blue shirt, yellow apron, and an adorable brown Dachshund on her shoulder. The series title, "A Tita Rosie's Kitchen Mystery," is displayed on a pin on the apron's right strap. The woman is seasoning a wok full of chicken adobo with soy sauce and there are flames underneath the wok. A bowl of white rice and bottle with skull and crossbones is in the foreground, a large fork and spoon decoration hangs on the wall in the background. The title ARSENIC AND ADOBO is displayed prominently in large white letters in the middle/bottom half of the image.

Hey everyone! I'm so, so excited to be able to display this amazing cover by Vi-An Nguyen, the art director at Penguin Random House.

Everything about it just pops and I'm so in love with the color palette. Longanisa just chilling on Lila's shoulder is too cute for words.

If you'd like to read the opening chapter of my debut novel, head over to CrimeReads and check it out!

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lo su
lo su
May 09

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Lamb Herman
Lamb Herman
Apr 22

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